Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Union County neighborhoods affected by school redistricting

Callonwood is one neighborhood
of many affected by UCPS
Last night, the Union County Public School (UCPS) Board of Education approved their redistricting plan. 

What does this mean for homeowners? Many homeowners paid a premium to be in the school district of their choice, and now they may be assigned to different schools next year.

Neighborhoods affected by redistricting in the current Marvin Ridge school cluster (see map here) include:

* Meadows at Weddington
* Victoria Lake
* Chatsworth
* Weddington Forest
* Weddington Chase
* Therrell Farms
* Providence Glen
* Barrington
* Valhalla Farms

Neighborhoods affected by redistricting on the west side of the Cuthbertson school cluster include:

* Weddington Trace
* Park Providence
* Providence Grove
* Inverness
* Lawson
* Deerfield Plantation

and many others. (See the map here.)

Here is a map of affected neighborhoods on the east side of the Cuthbertson school cluster.Neighborhoods affected include Hollister and The Glen at Wesley Oaks.

For neighborhood changes in the Weddington school cluster, maps can be found at:

* Weddington subdivision map - North (affected neighborhoods include Callonwood, Spring Hill)
* Weddington subdivision map - East (affected neighborhoods include Wellington Woods, Quintessa)
* Weddington subdivision map - West (affected neighborhoods include Highgate, Bromley, Providence Woods South).

Here is a link to our page which lists helpful links to find information on UCPS and changes to school districts, including redistricting maps.

We're keeping on top of the redistricting news as it affects our local neighborhoods and homeowners. Please contact us to talk about how UCPS redistricting may affect you!

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